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Over 150 High Quality Bible Scripture Songs - Click to Listen to a SampleSING A BIBLE VERSE, I, II, III Scripture Song CDs and Music

by Wayne Hooper

Give your children every advantage in memorizing Scripture. Teach them Bible verses set to song! Each CD contains 52 word-for-word Scripture songs which include the Bible reference. With the reference in the song, the children will not only remember the words of the Bible (KJV - King James Version) but also where to find that verse.

Listen to a Sample:
Sample of Several Bible Songs for those with Broadband
Sample of Proverbs 3:12 for Dial-up users

With these three CD's you will have enough music for 3 years of memory verses—one for every week of the year. These Bible songs correspond with our free children’s Bible studies. They can now be seen on our new video site called:

Individual Cost of CDs: $15.95
Set of all 3 CDs: $44.95
Music Books, Vol. I, II, & III: $7.95 Each

Order the 3 CD set from our New Store online:

3 CD Set - Please Click Here

Use the link above to order via Paypal, or call us at 509.732.4477.

(Kids of all ages love these Bible Songs. These scripture memory songs really help kids remember Jesus' words.)

Janet Sage Scripture Songs Memory VerseMemory Verse Songs by Janet Sage
Price: $12.95
These memory verse scripture songs by Janet Sage are designed for the Cradle Roll, children aged 0 - 4. These 53 original songs furnish an easy way for the children to learn a Bible memory verse every week of the year.

Please Note: The vast majority of the scripture songs on this cd are from the King James Version of the Bible.  There are a few songs from the RSV version.

Don't be deterred by the plain packaging, the quality songs on this cd will be approved by even the most scrutinizing mothers.

Please order the Janet Sage CD by clicking here.

Memory Verse Song Book
Price: $9.95
These memory verse songs for Cradle Roll by Janet Sage are also usable for kindergarten. There are 53 songs in this one year music book. There is a CD available for this as well.

Lisa also uses these songs for her children's program parts such as the opening welcome, prayer, intro to Bible lesson, and more. If you have enjoyed Lisa's children's programs you will likely recognize and enjoy these songs.

You can order the music book here.

"My 4-year-old boy goes around the house singing the Scripture songs from these books!"
—mother, Alberta CA

"Song is one of the most effective means of impressing spiritual truth upon the heart."

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