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Homeschool supplies A Family Life Nature Series
by Terry and Jean McComb

These homeschool resources, by Terry and Jean McComb, were designed to help parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and children learn more about the Creator from His works in nature.

Objects in nature speak to us about God by its design and how it functions. Using nature is truly a wonderous way to reveal the Creator Jesus Christ to your children and students.

This Family Life series is designed to get parents and children into God's outdoor classroom (even if they currently reside in a city.)

There are four books in the series: The Gospel According to a SNOWFLAKE, The Gospel According to a Blade of Grass, The Gospel According to a TREE, and The Gospel According to a DANDELION. Order 1 or all 4 Titles Here.

Click on a link below to view a sample lesson from the book "The Gospel According to a Blade of Grass:

Lesson Title Lesson Taught
Grass Anatomy Service
Adaptability of Grass Adaptability

Each book contains 22-32 character building object lessons. Most of the lessons have several parts including: a Science lesson, a Character lesson; a Bible lesson, a Reading lesson; and an Art lesson. There also many outdoor practical projects that reinforce the lessons.

You order these homeschool supplies by calling our office at 509.738.2454. You may also order through our online store.

We thank you for placing your order with us because every purchase allows us to continue creating quality resources for children and those who teach and minister to them. Thank you for your support.

This page last updated 3-23-2012

Terry McComb at the chalkboard
Pictured above is Terry McComb working on a chalkboard drawing.

The co-authors, Terry and Jean, homeschooled their four sons, who are now all happily married and are pursuing their own careers.

God's great book of nature teaches us about Him.Nature is God's Second Book

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee..." Job 12:7

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