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FREE Coloring Pages
The Holy Word of God is pure and elevated, and this is the impression we earnestly desire to stamp upon the tender wax of the children’s minds. Let this message be communicated to them, even in the pictures they color. Here are some samples of the many printable pictures that come with our programs. You can use these samples with your children.

(Use: You may freely print copies of these coloring pages for use in your home, homeschool, school, or church. You may not however, redistribute these files via the internet, in a book, or via any other method without our permission first.)

Download the MS Word document Guardian Angel Download the MS Word document Weary Land
Download the MS Word document Baptism Download the MS Word document Abraham & Isaac
Download the MS Word document Lot Flees Sodom Download the MS Word document Eve and the Serpent
Download the MS Word document Noah and Ark Download the MS Word document Abraham & Sarah
Download the MS Word document Cain and Abel  

We have many great sets of coloring pages that we call "Teacher's Editions" They are very reasonably priced and are duplicatable, that is they allow you, the parent or teacher, to legally copy as many as you need for your home or children's Bible class. The coloring pages are either on a CD or can be downloaded via our store. You can learn more about them by watching this video.

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Activity Pages
Activity pages are similar to the coloring pages except that they include an activitly like look up the Bible verse and fill in the blank.

Here are some FREE samples: Jacob and Pottage, Joseph in a Pit, Baby Moses

You can order Bible Activity CD's filled with high resolution images that you may print copies of for your family or church class. We ask that you do not make copies of the CD's or files. Thank you.

Children Love to Read Their Bibles.
"I like the crafts. They are so much fun! "
— 8-year-old
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