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Please be our partners in Children's Evangelism and help answer the prayers of people such as these.  We believe that Child Evangelism is one of the most important aspects of ministry.  The children of today make up the church of tomorrow.

Donate Online (Your Donations are tax deductible as Feeding His Lambs Ministries, the owner and producer of this website, is a 501 c3 non-profit corporation.)

Why Is Feeding His Lambs Ministries Uniquely Worthy of Your Support?

First, because it is awfully difficult to raise funds to meet a desperate need that few recognize. Research shows that children ages 5–12 have a 32% probability of accepting Christ while teens are at 4% and adults 6%. Our experience in child evangelism for over 10 years confirms this. We watch people nod and smile in agreement with this evidence, but their pocketbook still invests in the poor 6% percent return. It takes people with special insight and passion to have a heart for our ministry. It’s an investment in seed planting—and faith in the promised harvest.

Second, Feeding His Lambs Ministries is unique because I don’t know of another organization that ministers to children in quite the way we do. We don’t believe in entertainment, superficial lessons, light-hearted songs, or silly graphics. We don’t think the solid theory of the Bible is enough, either. We strive to give the lambs the pure milk of God’s word, warmed by practical experience from the heart. We feel children must be equipped with both end-time truth and an unwavering experience with God—so they can be prepared to stand before kings and judges.

Third, Feeding His Lambs Ministries, has nearly no overhead. The dollars you donate are devoted to ministry, not to sustain an institution. We operate out of our homes and rely much on volunteer help. It’s a labor of love and sacrifice.

We invite you to partner with us—and in uniting our efforts we are fulfilling the Savior’s commission, “Feed My Lambs.”

By God’s grace, you can count on us to continue Feeding His Lambs. And through your heartfelt and sacrificial support, more lambs can be rescued from the cold and snow—before it is ever too late.

In the Shepherd’s steps,
Lisa Quade
Lisa (Panasuk) Quade
Founder, Feeding His Lambs Ministries

P.S. Please send us an email to let us know what your Christmas gift will be and how we can count on you this New Year in ministering to His lambs.

P.S.S. John and I have made a special gift for you in the New Year—a daily Bible devotion website. We pray that you'll be blessed!

More Information
We are an extremely small ministry made up of two families and a few relatives who support our ministry with their donations.  We are not financially supported by Amazing Facts or any church or denomination.  

CHILD EVANGELISM TRAINING: We have several requests from poorer nations to come and hold Children's Evangelism training classes.  We would like to be able to hold these classes and train church leaders, pastors, evangelists, and Bible workers for a given region in large multi-day training sessions.  It takes money to buy the airplane tickets and all that is required for these types of programs.  Please help us teach others how to reach the children of the world with the Everlasting Gospel.

Please help us by donating to these projects, purchasing our products, and keeping us in prayer.

Please send a check to:

Feeding His Lambs Ministries
PO Box 1275
Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Our Phone Number is 509.738.2454

PLEASE NOTE: You can certainly Donate Online, however, we are a very small ministry and every dollar counts. Our preference is for you to send us a check by mail.  (By doing this, we won’t incur the typical 2–3% merchant processing fees.)

"I feel my children so benefited by learning about Jesus and applying His teachings in their lives... This is the best children's program I have ever seen!"
parent, Maryland

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If you would like to help by sending a check please make it payable to:

Feeding His Lambs Ministries
and in the memo line specify the "Children's Ministry Place Project"

Please mail it to:

Feeding His Lambs Ministries
P.O. Box 1275
Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Please note: Feeding His Lambs Ministries, the owner and producer of this website, is a certified 501 c3 non profit corporation. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for any donations.

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