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  "Something in the Box!"
  Something in the Box - Children's Activity
Let the children discover the nature object or other object you have chosen to connect with the key point of your lessons and they won't soon forget it! Here's how:

1. Secure a basic cardboard box which has a lid that you can open and shut. A shoe or boot box works well. You can cover it with wrapping paper to make it look nice.
2. Seek wisdom from above on what object to place in the box that will either clearly lead into your lesson or reinforce the lesson already presented. Place this object in the box without the children knowing what it is. Do this preferably before class.
3. Write out a list of clues that you can give the children to help them guess the object you have in the box. Begin with very basic hints (e.g. it's all around us; it's hard; it can be many colors, etc.), leading up to revealing specific details about the object and its use.
4. In class, hold the box, give the clues, let them “listen” as you shake the box, and call upon their answers. Let one of the children open the box when the correct answer is given.
5. Lead the children in discussing the lesson in this object.
  Watch a sample of this children's Bible activity.
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