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Teacher Lesson Plans

Lisa creates a teacher's lesson plan for each week in order to stay organized and help the children learn more effectively.Sample Plan
The outline presented below is a sample that represents a typical program, there can be changes from week to week as different components are added or left out of the program as time allows.

Sometimes the Bible message goes longer than expected and we are not able to do the review questions or other components. We put this sample up here not to be something that is concrete, but will give you an idea of how we organize our programs.

Each week is usually a little different from the previous but mostly the same. When there is a regular order of things from week to week and the children are familiar with it, they are more comfortable and learn more effectively.

The times listed below are appoximate so don't feel bad if things don't flow just perfectly, they rarely do for us as well. When working with children we have to be flexible, adaptable and excercise patience.

Teacher's Lesson Plan / Helps:
Pre-session 9:15-25 Sample Coloring Page (Look up Bible Verses and fill in the blanks when applicable.) Just a handful of children get here early to do this, the rest will work on these during the Class Breakouts below. Students who arrived early and finished their coloring pages usually like to become the teacher's helpers with the younger class members.
Download .pdf file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader    Order the Coloring Pages online.
Welcome 9:25-30 The opening 'Welcome' engages the children and prepares them for program. Download Sample Powerpoint File

Praise in Song 9:30-36
and Review

Below is a sample of what we did in one program.
The Lamp Song – Psalm 119:105 (1 time through)
Ask, Ask, Ask – John 16:24 (2 times through)
MV Review: "Now therefore go … " – Exodus 4:12
And This Is Love – 2 John 6 (2 times)
Scripture Song PowerPoint Example - Download .pdf file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader
Order Bible Scripture Song Cd's and Music books online

Prayer- Request
          - Song
          - Prayer 9:36-40

Prayer Song- Luke 11:1 Y- Download the teacher help Power Point file. You can copy and paste the slides from this presentation into your presentations.
Offering 9:40-43 Mission Offering
Something in the Box and/or Nature Discovery 9:43-47 Something in the Box - Learn more here, see an example.
Nature Discovery - High / Low Video File Requires the free Windows Media Player (Note: We will almost always have the Something in the Box activity, however we only ocassionally have time for a Nature Discovery section.)
Bible Message 9:47-10:17 Bible Study Lesson - Video File Requires the free Windows Media Player Click here to watch a Sample

Commitment Prayer

Practical Appeal Example: Will we be like Joseph's brothers and truly repent and have a change of heart?
Memory Verse 10:20-24 Memory Verse - High / Low Video File Requires the free Windows Media Player
Memory Verse PowerPoint - Download .pdf file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader
Review Questions 10:24-28 True or False Quiz (Children really like this part of the class but we don't always include it because we are often short on time.) You can use a powerpoint program or chalk/eraser board for this.
Class Breakouts 10:28-40 Any one or more of these: Bible craft, promise marking, application testimony and discussion, prayer.

Often times the children look up the verses on their coloring pages that were given at the beginning of class.

The teachers guide the children in looking up the Bible verses on their coloring pages while using the discussion cards to guide the conversations in their small groups.

Sample discussion cards Download
.pdf file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

(Filming our class "live" adds to the complexity and time required to complete our programs so this section is sometimes dropped due to a lack of time. Neither do we capture this section on video.)
Misc. Handouts 10:40
      - MV page
      - MV Card 
      - Lesson Paper
The church where we are currently working uses the "My Bible First"* set of lessons, and their associated materials such as their memory verse page and memory verse card. Also lesson papers are handed out to visitors at this time.**

*The "My Bible First" lessons are designed for ages 7-10 and cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 3 years.

**Note: Regular students receive their "My Bible First" lessons at the beginning of each quarter so visting children are the only ones to receive lesson papers at the end of the class.

This spread sheet of teacher lesson plans will help you to see how we taught the lessons during the past few months. You will need a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel to view it. Download

Alternatively, here is a .pdf file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Template that you can use by filling in the blanks by hand.
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